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Sadie’s Highlander by Maeve Greyson

♥♥ 4 Hunky Highlander Stars ♥♥

Okay, so my classification of this is kind of confusing, and that’s because I don’t know where exactly it fits. Alec is a sexy highlander, and he wears sexy kilts and lives in a castle…in North Carolina. His family has been tasked by the goddesses to protect the heart stone, which is responsible for giving humans a reason to live. Kind of cheesy, but cute. They’ve been thrown from the tenth century into present time so the stone can be protected, and they’ve created this highland theme park. Enter Sadie, who is an aspiring screenwriter. She has a demon of a sister, who owns the motion picture company Sadie works for. She’s basically stomped all over by everyone except Alec and his family. Sadie and Alec

Sadie and Alec have some good chemistry, and I loved how much Alec supported her. What bothered me was how Sadie just took her sister’s shit and it took until the climax for her to stand up for herself. There was some insta-love going on too, and seriously the timeline of how their relationship developed was a little too much for me… My other issue was how Sadie learns about Alec’s origins. She was understandably skeptical when he tried explaining it to her, but then she just has this epiphany and blindly accepts everything he’s telling her.

Despite this, I still really enjoyed reading it. I love time travel in my books, and I really love sexy highlanders, so that was enough to keep me reading mostly happily. Sadie’s sister was a real bitch, had no work ethic, and basically had no respect for anyone but herself. There was enough going on in the plot that I never got bored and I loved watching Sadie come to accept herself. This was an easy and quick read; perfect for the summer!

romance · time travel

The Shoes Come First by Janet Leigh

***DNF at 15%***

This one sounded like a fun time-traveling romance. Jennifer inherits a key and vessel to time-travel, but isn’t given any sort of indication or instruction about what she’s inherited. By 10% I knew I wasn’t going to like this one, and at 15% I was rolling my eyes so much that I decided to give up on it.

Let’s start with Jennifer. She’s one-dimensional and boring. The first chapter or two is basically all exposition, but she ends up going to prom with her guy best friend, and I can’t tell what she wants. Does she want him to kiss her, does she not want him to kiss her? I’m not entirely sure. But when he does kiss her and asks if she wants to find a hotel room (cliche much?), she comes at him with this: “If I had known you were going to treat me like one of your real dates, I would have brought some condoms!” 

….Is that supposed to be insulting? Becuase that sounds like she would’ve been 100% on board with it…And then he asks her to be his girlfriend and this is how she responds: “Okay…let’s give it a go.”

 And only two pages later, to herself: “Was I dreaming? Could my best friend really be my one and only true love?” I don’t think she knew what she wanted and it started to drive me crazy.

And on top of this, the writing style itself was pretty one-dimensional and dry. Like I literally found myself reading in a robot voice. This is when her brother goes to college… “Eli graduated high school and decided he wanted to study chiropractic. He moved to Iowa to go to chiropractic school. I had never been to a chiropractor, but Dad took Eli once when he injured his shoulder in football practice.” If I hear that word one more time, I’m going to lose it.

And this: “‘What is this?’ I asked out loud. ‘What’s happening? Why am I glowing like a Care Bear?'”

Okay I have to stop now before I keep ranting for the rest of the night.