contemporary · romance · royalty

Royal Pain by Tracy Wolff

ARC provided through NetGalley

Unfortunately, this was a DNF at 48% for me. There was just too much going on that I kind of hated to let me get through the whole book. Kian is the ‘spare’ to the heir of Wildemar. When his brother disappears, he is forced to drop his party boy ways and start acting in his brother’s place. Kian is flirty, hot, and hates politics. He meets Savvy during an event at the castle where she was working as a waitress.

They apparently have this insta-love connection that I just didn’t see. Kian doesn’t know anything about her, and as he tries to find where she lives so he can talk to her again, he can’t stop thinking about her. I’m not trying to say that their first meeting is forgettable, but it doesn’t warrant the emotional connection that was established in my opinion. And on top of that, I just didn’t see Savvy reciprocating his feelings basically at all. We’re told that she is from her POV, but her actions didn’t convince me. If anything, she seemed to be playing with him and didn’t have any interest in him at all.

The other thing that really bothered me was just how twisty the plot was. It seemed like every chapter there was some new groundbreaking plot twist that changed everything. From who Savvy is to the circumstances surrounding Kian’s brother’s disappearance to even just Kian’s interactions with others. The way Kian’s body guards watched Kian at Savvy’s house was way too much like babysitting when they could have just looked through her place and kept surveillance. Overall, I was just not very impressed and there was too much going on that didn’t seem believable to me to keep me interested.


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